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Saul Klein Photo Saul Klein
InternetCrusade®, President

"Web and E-mail Success Strategies"

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"Saul Klein Interview 1998"

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Saul Klein is an international speaker and, over the last 22 years, has spent more than 15,000 "platform" hours in front of professional, corporate and consumer audiences. He has taught tens of thousands of people to be more productive, in business and in their personal lives. Saul is the president of the InternetCrusade. The Internet Crusade folks created and deliver the NAR e-PRO Certification Course.

Over the past 10 years, he has traveled over a million miles delivering the message of technology and its role in the future to real estate professionals.

His real estate brokerage experience includes residential sales and management, commercial sales and industrial sales, property management, and syndication.

Among Saul's numerous accomplishments, in 1999 he was honored as REALTOR® of the Year by the San Diego Association of REALTORS® where he served as president in 1993. He served as educational consultant for the National Association of REALTORS® in 1997 and on the Real Estate Board of Advisors for America Online in 1995-97.

Contact Information:

Saul Klein
President, InternetCrusade®
7183 Navajo Road, Suite F
San Diego, CA 92119
(v) 619-283-7302
(f) 619-283-7343

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