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Susan Sweeney Photo Susan Sweeney
Connex Network, Inc., President

"Your E-Formula for Real Estate Success!"

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Interview Summary:

International Internet productivity trainer and author Susan Sweeney advises agents how to maximize the benefit they gain from their marketing efforts. She begins with practical tips for a good web site, covering everything from content to features and good design. "If consumers are looking for a real estate agent, ...they are going to visit at least three real estate web sites," says Sweeney. She concludes that it is vital for an agent's site to be technologically competitive. Two of the technical features she explains are an expanded use of autoresponders and interactive mapping specific to real estate. Promoting a web site is also key, and Sweeney suggests two very different approaches to attracting website visitors pay per click advertising and viral marketing. E-mail communication, which she defines as "permission marketing," should follow the guidelines she presents, including the proper structure for a signature file.

Susan Sweeney is a renowned eBusiness and Internet marketing expert. She is a best-selling author, a partner in an award winning Web development and Internet marketing business as well as a partner in an online interactive mapping business.

Susan is the author of six Internet marketing books. These include 101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site, which is now in its 6th edition, has sold over 70,000 copies and has been translated into German and Spanish. Three of her other popular books are: The Formula for eBusiness Success, 3G Marketing on the Internet and Internet Marketing for Your Tourism Business.

She developed and delivers the Internet Marketing Boot Camp, a two-day, comprehensive educational program that provides everything needed to achieve e-business success. She also develops and delivers bi-weekly webinars on Internet marketing.

The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers inducted Susan into the Canadian Speakers Hall of Fame in December 2006.

Contact Information:

Susan Sweeney
President, Connex Network, Inc.
134 Ridge Avenue
Waverley, NS B2R 1G4
(v) 888-274-0537
(f) 902-860-4468

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