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Tom Dooley Photo Tom Dooley
TWD & Associates, President

"Outlook for Industry Dominance"

Listen to Briefing from 10/24/97 & Receive Handout

THOMAS W. DOOLEY is President of TWD & Associates, consultants to the real estate profession. He served as Chairman & CEO of the Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council recently acquired by the National Association of Realtors, to whom he has served as a special Consultant. He is also the Editor and Publisher of The Dooley/Dahlheimer Report and the monthly newsletter Real Estate In the '90s. Tom's industry leadership also includes service as Executive Vice President & CEO of Gallery of Homes and Executive Vice President of the National Institute of Real Estate Brokers. Tom's current client list is ten miles long single spaced-- and includes such Giants as:
HFS Inc.
ERA Franchise Systems, Inc.
Coldwell Banker Real Estate
National Association of Realtors
The Personal Marketing Company
Relocation Information Systems (RIS), andU.S. Digital Tom has also consulted for
Century 21 International
Real Estate Education Corp.
Homes for Living Real Estate Network , to name a few. His publications cover 20 miles of shelf space in the Library at the National Association of Realtors --- and include:
Real Estate In the '80: Survival among the Giants
Real Estate Confronts Realty (to be published Fall 1997)
Real Estate In the '90s: A Whole New World Ahead
Coping With the Dynamics of the '90s
The Consumers' Guide to Real Estate
The Dooley/Dahlheimer Report: Real Estate in the '90s (monthly newsletter) His television credentials include shows which he moderates or hosts such as:
Great Ideas In Real Estate
Up Close and Personal
The Dooley/Dahlheimer Satellite Report

Contact Information:

Tom Dooley
President, TWD & Associates
431 South Patton Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(v) 847-398-6410
(f) 847-255-5095

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