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Tom Gonser Photo Tom Gonser
DocuSign Inc., Founder and vice president of product strategy

"How Realtors Use Electronic Signatures to Accelerate Their Business and Outperform the Competition"

Listen to Briefing from 02/21/10

Interview Summary:

Real estate professionals are quickly adopting electronic signatures to manage the paper flow and improve critical business processes. The National Association of Realtors is now offering its members an electronic signature service that provides a better option than driving across town to get a signature or forcing their clients to find a fax machine.

Learn how savvy Realtors are using Web-based e-signature services to execute agreements with buyers and sellers electronically, eliminating the old process of printing, faxing, and waiting for the return fax. By automating the signing process, they achieve higher sales, increase client satisfaction and maintain a competitive edge. This session will examine how to use electronic signatures in real estate transactions, including the transaction flow from both the Realtor's and the homebuyer's perspective. Attendees will also learn how faxes can be incorporated into an electronic signing process.

Tom is a founder of DocuSign and is responsible for strategic product management activities. He is a seasoned technology executive who has built world-class companies and products, with proven experience in wireless data communications, web-based transaction management, and mortgage and banking technology.

Prior to starting DocuSign, Tom was founder and CEO of NetUPDATE, a leading online transaction management system for the financial services industry. NetUPDATE handled millions of mortgage transactions yearly and developed a strong network including a strategic partnership with Fannie Mae. Prior to NetUPDATE, Tom was Senior Vice President of Business Development at, the online commerce site for the wireless industry. He also held senior management positions at AT&T Wireless Services and McCaw Cellular Wireless Data Division

Tom is a distinguished speaker and has spoken at numerous industry events over the years. He recently served as a keynote panelist on electronic signatures at the LOMA Technology Conference.

Tom earned a B.A. in Economics with an emphasis in Business Systems Analysis and Design from the University of Washington. He resides in Seattle, WA, home to DocuSign.

Contact Information:

Tom Gonser
Founder and vice president of product strategy, DocuSign Inc.
701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4500
Seattle, WA 98104
(v) (415) 512-0770

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