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Wallace Wang Photo Wallace Wang

"Breaking Barriers with Your iPhone!"

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Interview Summary:

Technology author Wallace Wang focuses on using the iPhone to break real estate barriers. Much of what he shares can be applied to other kinds of smart phones, but Wang clearly favors the Apple product, which is capable of replacing several instruments. Among other benefits, he points out that "pulling out an iPhone adds to your professional appeal as a person who is on top of the leading-edge technology." Wang's presentation is loaded with productivity tips for getting the most from his favorite tech tool. For example, he outlines a built-in feature and some of the free iPhone apps that can make the job of real estate agents easier. Wang offers practical suggests for incorporating these tools into the daily work routine. Thousands of apps can be purchased for an iPhone, but Wang cites four unusual ones that are relevant to doing real estate business. Of more general interest, he recommends a subscription service that can add a valuable layer of protection from loss of the phone and the data on it, and he suggests several accessories that solve the primary weakness of the iPhone -- the limited battery life. Wang also draws a helpful comparison between the iPhone and the iPad for those listeners who may want to use both or choose between them.

Wallace Wang is the author of numerous computer books including Microsoft Office for Dummies, Beginning Programming for Dummies, Steal This Computer Book, My New Mac, and My New iPhone. He has also written several non-computer books including Breaking into Acting for Dummies and Strategic Entrepreneurism, a book that explains how to start a company to maximize your chances of success.

In his spare time, Wallace performs standup comedy, having appeared on "A&E's Evening at the Improv" as well as performing in Las Vegas. He also writes screenplays and runs a screenwriting blog called "The 15 Minute Movie Method" along with a web site called "Top Bananas," which is devoted to business productivity tips for Apple's new iPad computer.

Contact Information:

Wallace Wang
3321 28th Street
San Diego, CA 92104
(v) 619-294-7426
(f) 619-294-7426

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