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Wynne Achatz Photo
6/3/05 Interview with Wynne Achatz

Real Estate One Westrick
505 West Boulevard
Marine City, MI 48039

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How Wynne Built Her Image

  1. She is never afraid to share knowledge with others in the industry, especially knowledge in the technology arena; at times, she also shares sales and listings without being fearful of another agent taking her business.
  2. Her #1 image-building tool in her local market is her web site; she sends all prospects to the web site to sign up for her free bi-weekly newsletter and to get acquainted with how she does business; the strategy saves her time yet fully informs buyers and sellers before she formally meets with them.
Web Site Enhancements
  1. eNeighborhoods is the resource she uses to provide her newsletter; Dan Gooder Richards' site for web content is another source for reports such as buyer and seller marketing tips.
  2. Visual tours are posted for all her properties; an IDX link lets customers search all listings from her site; even if some customers wind up using the agent given on the listing, she benefits from the goodwill generated; word gets around that her site is comprehensive.
Custom vs. Template Sites
  1. Agents should have a custom web site; it reflects the kind of service they will deliver whether or not it bears their name and picture; deep content assures prospects that an agent can help them.
  2. Good template sites are also beneficial; Achatz recommends BestImage's Number1ExpertTM membership, Advanced Access and RealAgent; all of these sites offer different things and submit themselves to search engines in different ways coming up high on search engines is a game.
  3. Some of the template sites link to her primary site; others are used because they contain features that help to get her more traffic without her having to pay for those additional features on her primary site.
Update on What Makes a Good Web Site
  1. A personal photo and detailed information about the agent are no longer considered important; agent name, company and contact information are all that is required.
  2. Consumers are focused on information relevant to their own search properties, schools and other community information, and the services an agent offers them; the more information available on a site, the better.
  3. When consumers are finally ready to buy, they will come back to the agent who readily gave them what they wanted.
Working with a Designer
  1. Achatz uses a web site designer for her custom site, Sandy Teller of; Teller did the original design and periodically updates it; she also provides monthly maintenance for a fee.
  2. Achatz will request a change to the site by email; Teller will act on the request and have Achatz preview the change before it goes live; web site owners have to be organized in knowing what they want to present and communicate that to their designer.
Favorite New Tools
  1. A PCS connection card is necessary when traveling so that a laptop can work from anywhere; the card provides an air Internet connection through a cell phone; Achatz uses the AirCard® 550 via an unlimited Sprint plan that costs $80/month.
  2. A wireless connection via a hotel or coffee shop involves a fee (or purchase of coffee); the user is given an access code.
  3. The technology to reach the Web by phone is improving; the Treo 650 combines a camera, Palm Pilot, phone and web browser; the ability to take a quick picture to send or save is a valuable convenience.

Web Resources
  1. eNeighborhoods gives people the chance to get an approximate value of their home; Achatz subscribes to their monthly program on disc that allows her to customize the property data by inputting information from her MLS; her eNeighborhoods reports are always true.
  2. Dan Richards' Gooder Group reports are wonderful for keeping people in touch with the agent.
  3. Virtual assistants are helpful, but buyers and sellers need to know that they can reach the agent personally if necessary; agents need to personalize their business by making themselves available.
Staying Ahead of the Competition
  1. Achatz uses the Web to keep in touch with buyers and sellers.
  2. Her drip email programs (through eNeigborhoods and the Gooder Group, for example) send automatic messages to people on a regular basis with notifications to her about what was sent; customers can sign up for a program themselves or Achatz can sign them up.
  3. As a unique service in her area, Achatz makes a community moving van available to clients within a 50-mile radius (or to people who send her a referral) for free and to non-clients for a $200 charitable donation.
  4. Achatz's advertising is all over the van, including her phone number to call for details; to cover the cost of insurance, she charges her local title company to advertise on the back.
  5. A new feature that attracts traffic to her site is a gift card program through
  6. Achatz presents clients with a plastic card at closings that the clients can use to purchase a personal gift at a variety of chain stores such as Lowe's, Home Depot and Marshall Fields; she goes online to set the amount for each card; recipients go to her web site, click on a picture of the card and choose where they want to spend their gift.
Contact Information for Wynne Achatz:

(v) 810-765-8861

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Achatz's custom site:
Best Images' Number1ExpertTM:
Advanced Access:
Tech tools: AirCard® 550; Treo 650
The Gooder Group:

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