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Zahara Mossman Photo Zahara Mossman
Zahara Properties, LLC, Founder

"Social Network Your Way to Success!"

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Interview Summary:

International real estate specialist Zahara Mossman, speaks from personal experience about how social networking can lead to an expansion of business. She exclaims with enthusiasm, "It is an amazing tool to get the message directly to the consumer. In other words direct marketing!" A strong proponent of using technology to work virtually, Mossman recognizes social networking as a natural extension of traditional marketing. She identifies her favorite social media sites for doing real estate, the special benefits of each, and how their use can be integrated. In discussing Facebook, for example, she explains the advantages of having a fan page in addition to a regular Facebook page. Plus, Mossman shares her strategy for reaching an exact market with social networks. Social networking advantages are numerous, but Mossman does highlight an important caveat that social networkers need to keep in mind.

"Use a Blog To Build Your Business"

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Zahara Mossman TM is a Social Media Powered Entrepreneurial Woman, 10 year eMarketing veteran on a mission to connect and create business and interpersonal synergies.

Zahara Mossman was the very first Realtor in the world to use podcasts to describe a property. Since December 2004 she has used technology to sell real estate and investments. She created It is the original searchable real estate listing directory with downloadable audio listing descriptions as Podcasts. It's combined with digital photography,virtual tours and even videos.

She has been featured in numerous publications such as the WSJ, Realtor Magazine, Florida Realtor, MSNBC, AP and many others. She received the designation of RECS (Real Estate Cyberspace Specialist) and as a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Member and Realtor . In a recent interview on Real Estate CyberSpace Radio she discusses using Podcasts and how they can benefit agents and consumers.

Contact Information:

Zahara Mossman
Founder, Zahara Properties, LLC
960 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 402
Miami Beach, FL 33140
(v) 305 675-1779
(f) 305-534-4262

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