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February 2001

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Wouldn't it be neat to find out what your neighbor (or brother in law) is earning? Well here's a place where you can get salary information on thousands of job titles. The Salary Wizard calculates salaries based on job title and geographic location.

For example: "A typical (bank) teller working in Boston, MA 02114 is expected to earn a median base salary of $20,340. The same teller working in Nashville Tennessee -- is expected to earn a median base salary of $17,667. A Chaplin in Nashville: $41,279.

The Salary Wizard contains just about every job category in every section of

the US with over 60 main categories --and most of those have a dozen or so sub categories.

And if you are a Sous Chef in Eugene, Oregon you earn $35,433 -- plus all you can eat!

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We are always pleased to be of service to our Cyber Friends and to provide you with these monthly CyberTips. As members of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society we are always current on ways to expand their normal high standards of service with the very latest Internet and other CyberSpace strategies and tools. Click Here for hundreds of Cyber Tricks and Great Places in back issues.

Want to see everything that your competitor has said in newsgroups and forums on the web? This is the place! Someone said that the sum total of all human knowledge is posted to the Internet every two weeks! Here is how to search all the newsgroups and forums with a simple click!

A simple search box pops up that is the search equivalent of fast food! Just enter a keyword or words and click Search. The results page contains the text of messages that match your search criteria. You can search on keywords, subject, forum, author (who wrote it) and date fields.

The long and short of it is that with this magic trick you can check out anything that anyone has had to say--and who said it!

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Trick 1

If you need even more convincing that the Web is one huge repository of valuable and useful information, your proof is right here!

The folks at this great source say, "The Internet is the world's largest library containing millions of books, artifacts, images, documents, maps, etc. There is but one small problem in this library: everything is scattered about on the floor, with growing hordes of confused and bewildered users frantically shifting through the maze, occasionally crying out, "Great Scott, look at what I just found!"

Well, now this powerful reference tool has organized the giant library to cover most major reference books, periodicals, newspapers, columnists (Dave Barry is there) etc. There aren't many facts left out! "The single best source for facts on the Net" is how they bill themselves. They may be right!

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The Real Estate CyberSpace Society scours over tons of real estate sources on the web daily. When they find one that rates a "Top 25" ranking it appears in the "Top 25 CyberTools" section at their site, which is loaded with real estate resources. A visit here can save you a lot of time and zero you right in on the major tools real estate professionals and their clients use constantly.

Here is one spot from which you can directly and easily get to all of these super real estate CyberTools the Internet provides -- ones that quickly help you perform many useful tasks. Visit this great place to: Find anyone's E-mail address, phone # (with cross reference directories); Make maps, check mortgage rates, translate messages, find out how much your property is worth, get SEC filings, check Census data, check out a lawyer and even see the chimney on your house from a Russian spy satellite---all at this Real Estate CyberTools section provided to all with the compliments of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society!

This is certainly one real estate spot on the Internet you will want to bookmark!

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