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February 2006

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This has to be the best deal of the year -- a complimentary pass to hear any of 33 real estate experts all at the National Real Estate On-Line Convention and Exposition from February 20th to 26th.   Over 40,000 attendees with an interest in real estate - real estate professionals, homeowners and investors will hear real estate experts, network and see the latest and greatest real estate tools and services.

This is all without leaving their home or office!

You can get your own complimentary pass at:

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We are always pleased to be of service to our Cyber Friends and to provide you with these monthly CyberTips. As members of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society we are always current on ways to expand their normal high standards of service with the very latest Internet and other CyberSpace strategies and tools. Click Here for hundreds of Cyber Tricks and Great Places in back issues.

Here's another neat “One Trick Pony”! This great place provides a simple free service that solves a common problem.

When you locate a page on the web with an address that is too dang long to comfortably paste into an email or other document, you can use this free service to generate a shorter, simpler address that will take folks to the same Internet spot.

If you wish you can paste this tool on your browsers link bar so, when you are at a page where you want a shortened link, with one click the short link is handed to you on a silver platter.


Click Here for This Cyber Trick

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Trick 1

Here’s a neat “One Trick Pony” that can serve as your one click information “Gofer” any time you are on your computer. What’s neat about this is that it works in just about any program.

Here’s how it works. Once this little program is installed, just highlight any word, in any program including your word processor, web browser and most e-mail programs.

Then press Ctrl + L and up come definitions, synonyms and facts at your fingertips.

Great little time saver that makes you a genius. And the price is right -- it’s on the house!

Click Here for This Great Place

When was the last time a dialog box popped up on your screen, screaming "Warning! Your computer may be infected with spyware" asking you to scan your system right now. If you click you will most likely reach a Web site that offers you a "free on-line spyware scan". Of course when you try the scan it comes up with a list of spyware on your system --quite often their own created “false positives”. But they let you know they have the solution -- just buy their familiar sounding software and that will clean up your mess. The problem is that many of these sites push "rogue/suspect" anti-spyware applications and in some cases infect your system with the very spyware they claim to find.

This great place evaluates these programs and provides a list of Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Sites. So the next time you are tempted to run their “test” or buy their software, just check their evaluations here first!

Lots of good additional information here -- a great education with a Masters in Spyware!

Click Here for This Great Place


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