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January 2011

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We'll bet you love being kept on hold when you call for support or about an order you placed. These innovative folks have a great system to beat the crazy machines that have you press 17 numbers and then hang up on you after a 22 minute hold!

Here's their solution. When you are put on hold, you can hang up and, when a customer service representative gets around to picking up, you'll get a call and be hooked right up. And these folks make it easy - they even have a built on phone book that makes most calls a one click breeze.

What makes this even sweeter (when they finally hook up) is that the company that would have you stay on hold is politely asked to hold for a second until you pick up!

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How many gift cards do you have kicking around unused? Maybe you really don't like the store or their merchandise. How about turning these dust collectors into cash?

These folks help consumers unlock the billions of dollars of gift cards that are never used. They offer a convenient and safe way to get the most out of gift cards. You can cash in gift cards with a minimum balance of $25 for up to 92% of the card balance. They'll also exchange your unwanted cards for purchasing power at stores like, or donate them for the benefit of your favorite nonprofit organization.

Worth a look - it's cash!

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There will come a time when you really want to know what possessions you have collected in your home - in detail. It may be when applying for insurance. It may be (although we hope not) when it is necessary to file an insurance claim in connection with a fire or flood disaster - or a theft.

These folks make it easy with this easy and uncomplicated program. Just enter the rooms in your home and the contents of each room. You can list the purchase price, replacement price, and any other details such as a photo and/or purchase receipt. There's even a "donation room" that makes handling charitable donations and tax deductions as easy as pie.

And to top it off this neat program about the insides of your house is - on the house!

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How about an easy way to call and conference up to 96 friends or business, social, club or church associates?

This neat service gives you a conference line with your own dedicated conferencing phone number and access code that is available 24/7. And there is no need to make a reservation. All you need to do is provide your call group with that number, code and the time to call in for a conference call of up to 6 hours! You can even do a recording of the conference and store it on your computer or distribute it to conference participants.

The icing on the cake is that you need only provide these nice folks with your name and an email address (no credit card necessary) to receive an instant account. You can start using it immediately - no gimmicks - no hidden costs - no chicanery - no hassle - just plain old free!

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