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June 2014

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OK - it's happened to us and we're pretty sure it has or will happen to you.

You are scheduled to meet with Roberto Jauregui. You have no problem pronouncing Roberto, but a chill runs up your spine when you try Jauregui, Is it Jay-u-reg-uey or J- you are egg- ooey? The last thing you want to do is mispronounce your new friend's name.

Here's a good place to bookmark. It'll get you out of your dilemma in a snap. Just go there and type in the name you are struggling with and, Shazam - you will be looking at a text interpretation plus in many cases an audio link so you can hear it pronounced.

So when you meet your new friend you can confidently say, "I'm so pleased to meet you Mr. HOW-reh-gee".

The Wall Street Journal and CBS News think this site is pretty helpful. We think that you will too.

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How would you like to get an e-mail or text message 5 seconds after you or someone else uses your credit card showing how much was paid and to whom? This little service will give you some comfort and will always remind you when auto-pay accounts are activated.

The folks from Visa offer this neat service but it's not just for Visa credit card holders - it works with most major debit and credit cards.

And like the TV commercials shout out, "That's not all." There are lots of other bells and whistles that come with this service - like an online payment service that lets you check out when ordering online by simply entering your username and password. They provide an easy and efficient way to manage your online shopping experience with a single account that you can use with any merchant that accepts their service.

And, oh yes - there is no cost for this service!

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There has been much written and spoken in the news about the efficiency (or inefficiency) of charities' use of your dollars.

This great place flags organizations of interest in your own charity "portfolio" organized into groups you define and then provides side-by-side comparisons of up to 5 charities at a time.
You can view historical ratings and financial data for each rated charity. By accessing the user tools provided you'll be more assured that your charitable dollars are being wisely spent.

The price is right - this service is on the house.

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Are you madder than a wet hen? If so, the government is here to help you (really!).

How many times have you wanted to get a compliant letter off to the manufacturer of a shoddy product - or to a seller that sent you an incorrect or broken item?

Here comes the government to the rescue with its "Consumer Complaint Letter Wizard". They guide you through the information to contain as you type it into their form. Then when it's done you can copy the completed letter onto you stationary or into your e-mail.

Good easy help from Uncle Sam.

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