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October 2015

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Want to find out in 30 seconds if solar makes sense for you and yours? With this neat site Google applies its simplicity to the solar question and creates your personalized roof analysis.

Just enter your address and your rooftop will pop up on your screen along with an estimate of how much money you will save by using solar to provide your homes energy. Project Sunroof puts Google's expansive data, mapping and computing resources to use and computes how much sunlight hits your roof in a year. Using this data it calculates the best solar plan for you and your projected cost savings.

Right now Google is expanding the geographic coverage of this amazing site beyond the current solar mapping in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno CA, and Greater Boston. However a visit to this site is well worth while and, knowing Google, they'll be looking down your chimney shortly.


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We've heard a lot about cheating in professional football recently. This interesting site has compiled a cheat history for each team in the National Football League (NFL). Using this history, they present the "Cheat Score" for each of the 32 NFL teams.

The panel took into consideration the following four factors: Authenticity, Verifiability Factuality and Peer Standards.

No team came out unscathed and interestingly the following reasonably behaved teams had the lowest "Cheat Scores: The Arizona Cardinals (12) and The Jacksonville Jaguars (also 12). According to the analysis the following rascal teams had the highest "Cheat Scores": The Denver Broncos (48 followed by The New York Jets (44).

Some suspicious souls may suggest that the New England Patriots (21) had something to do with this site but we put Roger Goodell on the case and even he couldn't find any evidence of their involvement!

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Did you ever consider moving to a "college town"? The National Association of Realtors (NAR) points out that American college towns are often uniquely appealing places to live - even for adults.. You can find lots of interesting qualities including a vibrant night life, tons of cultural events. a young and fun vibe. And, thanks to the colleges themselves, plenty of job opportunities.
NAR's statistics ranked more than 300 college towns by median home price to come up with the ten college towns with the most expensive and the ten least expensive housing costs.

Something to think about!

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With drug prices soaring more people are looking to Canada and other countries to fill their prescriptions. This place saw that rogue online pharmacies were creating a huge problem and set out to tackle this issue. You can enter the name of an on-line pharmacy and get these folks "Approved" or "Unapproved" rating.
But be aware that controversy surrounds this site. Many claim that they serve the big US pharmaceutical interests -- but not the American consumer and therefore label all pharmacies outside the US as "rouge or unapproved".
Both Google and Yahoo use a third-party system called to verify whether websites seeking to advertise an online pharmacy are legitimate.

Many have found that registered pharmacies in Canada offer the same drugs as US pharmacies --- at up to 1/10 of the price.

Check first with your doctor.

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