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February 2016

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Thinking of shopping around for a better cell phone plan? Here's a place to match a phone plan with your specific needs - and your wallet.

These folks make the search easy. They are all about improving the decision making process in the often complex world of cell phone plans. Their comparison engine evaluates each product on a feature by feature level. They evaluate the prices that you'll pay for each feature plus your overall cost. Their programming recognizes that it's not always the cheapest product that will make you happy, so they compare all the features to help you make a good decision based on your own needs.

They claim 198,929 cell phone plan "combinations" and make it easy to search the wireless market before buying. From single & family share plans, phone payments, calls & data, to contracts/no-contract and much more. You can even compare the monthly / no contract plan options available if you bring your own phone.

These folks take the complications out of choosing your next cell plan. And the price is right - it's on the house.

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We are always pleased to be of service to our Cyber Friends and to provide you with these monthly CyberTips. As members of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society we are always current on ways to expand their normal high standards of service with the very latest Internet and other CyberSpace strategies and tools. Click Here for hundreds of Cyber Tricks and Great Places in back issues.

The Google people have more tricks up their sleeves than the attendees at a National Magicians' Convention. Here are three handy Google tricks that will save you lots of time:

1. Try typing a phone number in the Goggle search box. Up comes every place on the web where this number appears. It's like having a private detective working for you.
2. Rather than use a yellow page lookup, just type the category and the area code or zip code into the search bar. Example: "Shoe repair 617".
3. Want to find out the definition of a word or phrase? Throw away the dictionary - just type "Define: (add the puzzling word). Example: "Define: prestidigitation". Shazam! Up comes the definition plus the verbal pronunciation.

Neat tricks.

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Trick 1

You've done this -- you carefully store away the user manual when you get a new computer, appliance, TV or other household or office gadget. Then, two years later, the gremlins creep in and you need that manual in a hurry. And, of course, it has vanished in thin air!

Bookmark this place! It may be one of the handiest you will fall back on. Here you will find over 700,000 user manuals and guides for a myriad of types of equipment such as computers, cars, printers, mobile phones, fax machines, cameras, monitors, software, televisions and DVD players -- everything imaginable right down to hair dryers and bathroom scales.

So, if you're going coo-coo looking for that little booklet, here's a great place to go! Just find your make and model in the comprehensive index, then simply click and download the manual.

The price is right -- there is no cost to you for these manuals and the convenience this place provides.

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The pros go to this great place first when they want to find the best interest rate for just about anything.

Here you can choose from literally dozens of products: mortgages of all types for home buying, refinancing and home equity, for example. But these folks go way beyond the obvious and let you find the best rate for credit cards, checking accounts, personal loans, auto loans - even insurance.

And, to top it off, there is a big bunch of calculators to help you with a myriad of financial decisions. For example: an automobile buy or lease calculator, a debt consolidation calculator, a credit card balance transfer calculator, a net worth calculator, an adjustable-rate mortgage calculator --- and several more.

Good place to visit when you're struggling with financial decisions.

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