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March 2016

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NBC News, Bloomberg, USA Today and the New York Times all think this is pretty neat. Who wouldn't think that lowering your bills is good for their financial disposition?

These folks claim to lower 95% of the bills they get. And if they don't save you money, they don't charge you anything-no hidden fees, no "regularly scheduled increases," no risk. That's their guarantee.

The process is simple. All they need to get started is a bill! Fill out the form at their site or, send them an email, fax or letter and they'll start working. They wade through the endless phone prompts, transfers, hang-ups, other assorted aggravation -- and negotiate better rates for you while you spend your time hanging out on your hammock.

They've negotiated with companies across the country for every service you can think of: cable, cell phone, home phone, satellite, DSL, radio, newspaper, name it, they've negotiated it.
And how do they get paid? They split the savings for the first year and the rest (including future years) goes into your wallet.
It's as simple as that.

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If you watch movies on free TV you put up with commercials - that's why it's free. Here's the same thing on the web - but the movies you want to watch are ON DEMAND. You can watch them anytime you want.

These folks have 40,000 movies and TV shows that you can watch online or on a streaming media player, such as Amazon's Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku and others. There's something for everyone, including top classic movies, reality TV, documentaries, exercise videos, film festival favorites, sci-fi, travel, and much more!

This is the largest and fastest-growing -- free and legal -- video app on connected TV devices, Mobile, and the Web. Their partners, include Paramount Pictures and they have seven times more free content than any other connected TV app.

It kind of like Netflix with commercials - but the price is right - it's on the house -- and it's all legit

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Want to see one picture that will open your eyes to crazy differentials in drug prices.

This one page from Consumers Digest shows you a comparison of the prices charged for a one-month supply of five common prescription drugs at eleven different retail outlets in your neighborhood.

The first column is symbolic of the rest, with the price at Costco set at $18 -- ranging up to $255 at Rite Aid --- for the same drug in the same amount. The punch line is the last column showing that if you bought a one-month supply of all five of these drugs at CVS you would pay $855 as opposed to Costco's $117 The difference for 12 months amounts to Eight thousand eight hundred and fifty six dollars.

Shoot -- you could upgrade to a good sized Mercedes with that extra money in your pocket. Or buy a second one!

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So, what to do about crazy differentials in drug prices? What steps can you take when drugs cost up to 10 times more at one retailer vs. another - in addition to changing retailers.
Consumer Reports includes an analysis and recommends "Smart Strategies" for saving:
Skip chain drugstores.
Support independents.
Don't always use your health insurance
Always ask "Is this your lowest price?' "
Seek a 90-day prescription
Look on-line

You will find more on these along with a lot of other solid advice at this great place.

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