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April 2016

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The folks at "This Old House" magazine are always coming up with great tips for homeowners. Now they've presented a series of "anti-tips" - a list of things you should nor do when trying hard to love your house.

For example, outside, they warn you not to plant trees too near your driveway, sidewalks or house. Roots can prove very disruptive in time. Also don't over mulch or over fertilize. Much might look nice -- but you may be suffocating tree and plant roots along with other nice living decorations. And too much fertilizer might feed weed muscles.

Indoors, brightening up your home with oversized bulbs can create a dangerous situation by heating up fixtures and wiring. And over scrubbing a sink with abrasive cleaners can quickly dull the surface.

These tipsters go on and outline 19 ways you could be killing your house with kindness.

You'll find lots of kind sounding but potentially destructive things to avoid.

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It's common practice for airlines and cruise lines to discount fares to fill up empty seats and cabins. Then why not hospitals and operating rooms?

Here's an interesting site to follow. Right now it may not have what you need but our guess is it will grow in services and size. In any event it's another good example of the advantages that can come to Internet travelers.

Here patients can shop on-line for medical procedures and check on cost, quality or convenience - similar to what Expedia does for travel. Providers list their self-pay prices on the web site. Just like airlines and hotels that sell empty seats or rooms at discounted prices, providers are able to offer discounted rates for empty appointment slots.

This site will become even more valuable when it begins to add procedures not generally covered by insurance.

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The New York Times and NBC like this great place. The Times says, "The lowest price for generic prescriptions". These folk's headlines read "Same medication, same pharmacy, lower price - Guaranteed at all major chains and most independent pharmacies nationwide."

Whether you have good insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance, this great place can save you money on generic meds at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

These folks have developed a proprietary technology that groups millions of patients together, creating the strength to negotiate the lowest drug prices possible - kind of like a Groupon for meds.

The procedure is straightforward. To see the discounted price, just select the medication, dosage and quantity you were prescribed. Compare it with your cost (with or without insurance). If the price is more attractive than your other alternatives, go to checkout and create your free account and add a payment method. Pay for your medication on-line and you'll get a digital Pharmacy Card. Paid vouchers for your meds are linked the card.You simply pick up your meds at your local pharmacy when you show your card to the pharmacist..

There are no membership fees and you only pay for the medications you pick up.

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Ever get a quote from an interior director? Did it take a defibrillator to bring you back around? We usually like free stuff, but every once in a while an interesting and cost saving site gets our attention.

These folks headline their site as "The easiest way to decorate your home. Beautiful interior design. All online. Starting from $79." Many folks gasp - "$79 - are you sure that's not Seventy-Nine Hundred Dollars?"

Here's what they do. They analyze your tastes - your basic desired room design type and then show you lots of design layout ideas for the room. You can wander around their well-organized site without cost. Then you will be introduced to several designers and their credentials. Once you sign up, the designer, using your preferences, will present you with custom concept boards and personalized product suggestions from a myriad of fashion and discount stores.
Then you are free to purchase what you desire, wherever you desire - or you may use their custom shopping service which comes with a "lowest price" guarantee and no add on costs.

Neat service.

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