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March 2017

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You've seen the ads on TV for personal emergency notifications -- You know: "I've fallen and I can't get up!!" They are good gadgets for protection and peace of mind - but keep your hand on your wallet.

Now some nice folks have come up with an iPhone/Android app that brings you lots of comfort when you or your family are ever put into a dangerous position -- out and around or at home. This neat program allows you to alert, track and notify loved ones as well as 911 in an emergency -- and there is no cost for the app or its continued use.

If you want to reach into your wallet, they do offer a low-cost key chain sized remote that adds some ease of use and additional functionality to their useful and potentially lifesaving app. There are no fees for the continuing use of the remote.

These folks provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your loved ones can instantly connect when needed.

Nice folks - looking out for us.

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USA Today says: "A growing "Can you hear me?" phone scam can make you a victim if you utter just one word: "Yes.". There has been extensive coverage of this phone scam but if it hasn't caught your eye yet please be careful. The security folks tell us that, by running (and hanging up), when you hear this question from a stranger on the phone, you can avoid a lot of potential grief.

The CBS Money Watch describes the scam further. They say that the "can you hear me" con is a variation on earlier scams aimed at getting the victim to say the word "yes" in a phone conversation. That response is recorded by the con artists and used to authorize unwanted charges on a phone or utility bill or on a stolen credit card.

The way to avoid this scam is to hang up when a stranger asks any question begging a "yes" response - like:" Can you hear me?" or "Is this the owner?"
Just say "No" or even better say nothing!

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Next time you wonder if an offer or an on-line review is legit or a bunch of hooey - here's a great resource. The need for this type of resource stems from an Internet loaded with false news and phony baloney reviews - often written by the very hucksters who are promoting their products and services.

Next time you see an enticing offer on-line, just hop over to this great place. First go to the search box and paste in a couple of descriptive words. If the product or service has been reviewed, you will find a thorough and unbiased write up with considerable and thoughtful details for your consideration.

While there, be sure to check the wide range of review categories that include sections covering: Business, Education & Learning, Entertainment, Finance, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Internet & Marketing, Products & Services, Software, Technology and Travel & Vacation. You'll also find a wide range of helpful articles and guides including an interesting piece on scams.

Worth a desktop shortcut. These are the good guys in a world replete with rascals!

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You may have a checklist of big and small improvements you'd like to make on your castle - maybe some turrets - or a moat. First you should ask, "How much of my money will I get back when I sell?" This great place regularly prepares studies showing which improvements are currently providing the best return on your dollars.

Their newest study cites both recent and long-time trends and reports that "curb appeal" projects-changes to doors, windows, and siding, by and large generated higher returns on investment than work done inside the home. Meanwhile, projects that called for replacing something scored up there.

The report pointed out that, "Several of the most expensive projects-the upscale bathroom remodel, upscale master suite, two-story addition, grand entrance, and family room-saw the biggest year-over-year percentage increases in value, rising between 5.6% and 7.4%. All those increases outpaced the rise in cost to accomplish the projects, and suggest that real estate pros are rating such home improvements more highly than they did half a decade ago."

Good information to keep in mind when getting your checkbook out.

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