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February 2018

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Got a photo of someone and don't have a name to go with the mug? This image search is used by millions of people along with major corporations such as Adobe Systems. It's easy to use - just upload the photo in question and click "Search". Shazam - if their database contains the photo (or one that is close) and identification you'll have the information you seek instantly.

Among many other useful applications, you can use this resource to check and see if:
1. Someone is using your photos without authorization by tracking where your images are appearing on-line - good tool to thwart identity theft.
2. The identity of a stranger who comes to you from LinkedIn or Facebook is legitimate or a phony-baloney. If the latter, you can nail them in their tracks.
3. You have duplicate and modified copies of an image in your image collection. This is very effective for identifying and cleaning out duplicate images.

These folks are leaders in the specialized search business. The image search expertise you can access here just scratches the surface of the robust capabilities they offer to large corporate clients. If you follow modern day action thrillers on TV or the big screen you see their genius at work in many of the scripts. CNN and the LA Times speak very highly of their capabilities.

Because you are such a good person, you can use this photo tracker without cost. It's their gift to you.

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We are always pleased to be of service to our Cyber Friends and to provide you with these monthly CyberTips. As members of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society we are always current on ways to expand their normal high standards of service with the very latest Internet and other CyberSpace strategies and tools. Click Here for hundreds of Cyber Tricks and Great Places in back issues.

Most people we know are staying clear of the wild and wooly Bitcoin market. But, just in case your curiosity is getting to you, here's a place to get the going price of one of these mysterious "thin air" currencies.

One click will bring you the up to the moment trading price. You can also check various charts showing historical tracking prices for selected time spans starting on July 26, 2010 when the Bitcoin traded at 6 cents - way before its incendiary rise to 19,343.04 (and subsequent fluctuations -- mostly down at the date of this report).

While there you can check various articles and analysis of this nerve-racking market.

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Trick 1

Here's a chance to sit on a cloud and watch some major cities as they have developed recently over 32 years (from 1984 - 2016).

These folks have put together a collection of time-lapse videos showing the development of cities such as Las Vegas, Bancock and Dubais.

By using the Goggle Earth type technology you can watch these cities grow year by year and view that growth in each city in a period of just a few seconds.

Relax and watch 32 years go by in under two minutes.

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Brrrrr - If you live (or are visiting) up north you'll know it when it's cold. You can usually find out pretty quickly what the temperature is - and the wind speed. But it's not always that easy to know how colds it really feels.

That's where the "wind chill" takes front stage. According to this great place wind chill is: "A measure of the cooling effect of wind. Wind increases the rate at which a body loses heat, so the air on a windy day feels cooler than the temperature indicated by a thermometer. This heat loss can be calculated for various combinations of wind speed and air temperature and then converted to a wind chill equivalent temperature (or wind chill factor)."

This place makes it easy -- simply enter what the thermometer tells you in one box. Then enter the wind speed and click "Calculate Wind Chill". Shazam - This neat calculator hands you the wind chill on a platter.

Or you can just go outside in your shorts and yell as loud as you can: "Damn - it's cold out here!"

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