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June 2018

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Picture this - Two hours before your snail mail is delivered you receive and e-mail from the Post Office. When you open it - Shazam - you are looking at the front of each envelope that will arrive in your mailbox later in the day.

The US Post Office recently announced "Informed Delivery". This service makes this all available. In addition, you will receive information on any packages that will be delivered that day - along with historical information regarding deliveries to you.

All you do is go through a minimally aggravating on-line registration process. About 3 days after you register you will start receiving these goodies in your e-mail box.

"Informed Delivery" is still a bit buggy now but well worth registering for anyway.

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We are always pleased to be of service to our Cyber Friends and to provide you with these monthly CyberTips. As members of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society we are always current on ways to expand their normal high standards of service with the very latest Internet and other CyberSpace strategies and tools. Click Here for hundreds of Cyber Tricks and Great Places in back issues.

How much time do you spend slogging through airport security lines? How would you like to whiz through in five minutes or less.

For the same five minutes you can submit an on-line application for the TSA Pre- Application Program and schedule an in-person appointment that includes a background check and fingerprinting at an enrollment center.

Before you apply, we recommend that you review the various traveler programs, such as the, Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI, to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and determine the best program for you.

In April 2018, 92% of TSA Pre-approved passengers waited less than 5 minutes and you can now zip on through at more than 200 airports and with fifty-two airlines.


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Trick 1

Here's where you can "steal" from the government - legally. Wanna buy a Suzuki golf cart? A slot machine - some audio/visual equipment? Maybe a Mercedes-Benz E-Class - or a BMW 3-Series? How about a few fire engines?

This interesting place aggregates thousands of multi-level government surplus offerings. They provide services to various government agencies that allow them to sell surplus and confiscated items in a wide range of categories - all indexed for your searching convenience.

Lots of "steals" at this great place. Entertaining, if nothing else.

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Don't you love those folks at Consumer Reports? They are always coming up with useful tips. Don't you wish you could learn the secrets of getting to relax with an upgrade in first class while all the unfortunates are scrunched up in coach?

They reference the popular "View from The Wing" website where we learn that "asking for an upgrade politely and wearing business attire used to be common advice for success when there were more seats available. But these days, you may need to do more than that if you want to fly more comfortably."

Spend 5 minutes at this great place and you'll be well briefed with three big tips for getting a free upgrade to first class.

You'll stand a much better chance to lean back and smirk by following these tips!

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