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January 2019

On line shopping is certainly convenient - but reviews can often be deceptive. Here's the place to go to find out if the product or service reviews you are looking at are reliable -- or somewhere between shady and downright fraudulent.

These folks believe in the importance of user reviews. With so many online shopping options, a strong or weak product review can have a huge impact on whether or not you buy or pass.

If you need a second opinion, quickly visit this place when considering you next online purchase. Their patented algorithms look for patterns to filter out reviews they judge as unreliable.

The Today Show says: "They give shoppers a sense of how trustworthy the reviews are for a given product." Easy - quick - and of course on the house.

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We are always pleased to be of service to our Cyber Friends and to provide you with these monthly CyberTips. As members of the Real Estate CyberSpace Society we are always current on ways to expand our normal high standards of service with the very latest Internet and other CyberSpace strategies and tools. Click Here for hundreds of Cyber Tricks and Great Places in back issues.

If you are tired of shelling out big shekels for photo programs to help you with your editing chores, this program will make you smile on your way to the bank.

This advanced image editor, guides you with simple tasks like graphic manipulation such as resizing images, as well as complex tasks, such as designing web pages, creating illustrations, processing photographs - and more.

When you arrive at their web site you will be able to download the complimentary program. Then, by following their step by step instructions, you'll become an expert in a flash.

This heavy-duty but easy to use program can run on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone). Once you download the program you can even disconnect from the Internet and keep using it completely off-line. None of your files ever leaves your computer.

Very generous and helpful people.

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Do you know what January 7th is in Peru? How about January 11th in Napal? Or the 20th in Azerbaijan? If you care you can find out at this great place.

If you are travelling or have family or important business connections around the world, this collection of information can make you look caring and smart. Here you can locate holidays around the world by date - by country - by religion - even by lunar phases.

In case your curiosity is getting to you -- January 7th in Peru is Tumbes Anniversary - celebrating for freedom of that city, with a "Te Deum" Mass, solemn meetings, a flag raising and a civic-military parade held in the main square of the city. With other religious and civic ceremonies, and passacaglias.

If you are planning a trip there on the 7th forget about shopping and watch out for the passacaglias!

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Moving from place to place is now easier with services like Uber and Lyft - but but but - sometimes it would be comforting to get a little more human support in the process.

Want to get Grampa and/or Gramma on the road and in good hands without rearranging your life? The folks at this great place can give you some piece of mind by helping you request rides, simply and easily from Lyft or Uber - even without a smart phone.

They provide you with 24/7 agents to arrange and monitor rides. They provide you with human support for any questions regarding Grampa's trip. They even send you text alerts to keep you up to date.

Nice people with a comforting service.

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