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You need ID TheftSmart®
At this moment, someone could be using your name, your Social Security number, or your credit information to illegally obtain cash, merchandise and services in your identity. And, you won't have any idea it's happening until it's far too late. Fight back with ID TheftSmart.

ID TheftSmart can help you guard against becoming a victim of identity theft in two ways. First, by providing you with valuable information to help you avoid becoming a victim. And, second with professional resources and expertise to help you restore your identity if it is stolen.

Information is Power
With ID TheftSmart, you receive the latest information on how you can help protect your personal information and reduce your exposure to Identity Theft. This is a great "first step" defense against this prevalent crime.

Continuous credit report monitoring. ID TheftSmart notifies you if there are any signs of trouble.
After enrolling in ID TheftSmart, you can order your credit report from Experian, a national credit repository, so you can review your credit report for accuracy.

Then, and only with your authorization, ID TheftSmart offers continuous monitoring of your personal credit file.* All inquiries made to your credit file, authorized or not, will be reported back to you. This ongoing credit watch is one of the most important benefits of ID TheftSmart - because you'll be notified if someone is illegally using your identity.

Licensed professional investigators are available to help restore your identity.
ID TheftSmart includes access to a comprehensive restoration service that you activate as soon as you realize your identity has been stolen. Without delay, a licensed investigator - with your authorization - helps you untangle the mess that a stolen identity brings to your finances, your credit history . . . your life.

Help protect yourself today!

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*ID TheftSmart is a non-insurance product being made available through Marsh Inc., and Kroll Background America, Inc. (KBA). KBA is a nationally recognized leader in pre-employment screening services, specializing in risk mitigation and corporate compliance and is a subsidiary of Kroll, Inc., the world's foremost independent risk consulting company.

The description of ID TheftSmart herein is a summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the services described. Please refer to the actual membership information for complete details.

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