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The Broadcast E-Wizard is a significant new Society networking aid that will make e-mail an even more powerful tool in your hands.

Almost without exception, real estate CyberPros agree that E-mail is one of the most effective (if not the most effective) tool for networking and building visibility. When you use the power of ListServers that allow you to send to lists of pre-selected real estate specialists and consumers then you have the most powerful means of getting your message out and onto the desktops of tens of thousands of prospects quickly and inexpensively.

Many members already use real estate broadcast e-lists (often called listservrs or listservers) very effectively to network with tens of thousands of real estate professionals and buyer/sellers with a single click. We also know that many members have not taken advantage of this powerful way to network -maybe because they felt it was not an easy process. For all, we now present the Society's Broadcast E-Wizard which is an easy to use patent pending tool that will allow you to easily subscribe to and send messages to dozens of real estate broadcast e-lists with a couple of clicks! This now makes it very easy for you to manage your e networking when using this business-building tool! As with all Society tools and services the Broadcast E-Wizard is free to all current Society members.


There are literally many thousands of real estate broadcast e-lists available to real estate professionals. The trick is to identify the ideal ones that will reach the constituency you need for your message. In addition you want to be sure that the lists you use are not the vast majority of lists that contain only a handful of users (most less than 10. In selecting the lists for inclusion in the E-Wiz we eliminated all lists with less that 100 registered users subscribers).

We then identified the lists that would be of the most interest to various specialties (Example: Residential Specialists or Commercial Specialists).

We then created a short description of what the list is best used for -- an indication of the basic list interest area.

(Example: "For distributing commercial properties for sale or needed")
(Example: "For Agent Networking")

We then obtained an estimate of the actual number of registered users for the list and provided this information at the end of each list description. When the research was completed we structured the Wiz to do all of the work of:

  1. Registering to the lists you wish to use,
  2. Un-registering from lists you have selected but decided you don't want to use at this time, and finally
  3. Sending your message to any or all of your selected lists-simultaneously.