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Membership Services #6: Membership Certificate

Sample Certificate

Please choose the appropriate Certificate: Advisory Board or Charter Member. Then go to file/print frame and print to your printer. Then simply fill in the appropriate information using the sample above as a guide. A color printer will yield Blue signatures. A non color printer will yield black signatures. Frame your certificate and display it proudly!

If you have Microsoft Word, you can also download the doc files and print them out in word for a crisper, cleaner certificate. Just click on one of the links below and save it to your hard drive. To deflate the zip file, you'll need pkunzip, winzip, or some other utility to unzip the file. To extract the exe file, just run it and save the files to a directory of your choosing.

  • Click here to download a zip file of the Advisory Board, Charter Member, and sample certificates.
Advisory Board Certificate

Charter Member Certificate