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Real Estate CyberMagic
101 CyberTricks and Great Places
(Second Edition)

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The new completely updated Second Edition of "Real Estate CyberMagic --101 CyberTricks and Great Places" brings together in print the 101 neatest web sites and time saving tricks reviewed by the Society along with a narrative description of what each does and where to find it.

A powerful feature of the CyberMagic package is the StealthLink. With this combination you have the best of all worlds -- a handy little book with short, punchy, entertaining and interesting narratives all arranged in special categories PLUS the convenience of the StealthLink that will whisk you right to any of the sites in the book and provide you with exciting periodic updates.

As a Society member, you can order copies to give to your customers or prospective customers. The Society has made arrangements with the printer so you can order personalized copies at bulk rate pricing and have them personalized and shipped right to your office. Give one to your mother in law. We'll bet she never thought you'd become a recognized author!

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