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Real Estate Cyberspace Society

Your Own Full Featured
Personal Web Site

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FREE WHEN YOU JOIN NOW: When you join the Society you will receive your full-featured Personal Web Site customized and automatically set up -- just for you. Your new site incorporates many of the powerful features that have made one of the most visited real estate sites on the Web --features such as your own personalized CyberTips Newsletter, Real Estate CyberSpace Radio, 25 Top CyberTools and much much more!

YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO A THING: Your site is set up with all of your information already in place! All you have to do to further personalize your site is add your listings, put in your Bio plus some personal links and upload your photo (this is all optional). This will take you about 10 minutes! So, for an investment of about 10 minutes, you will be up and running with an exciting Personal Web site with powerful features! And on top of that you pay no monthly fee to maintain your personal site. It keeps on working for you day and night!

IN TEN MINUTES YOU ARE UP AND RUNNING: Immediately upon joining on line you will receive an e-mail with the location of your new site and your password for making any desired changes.

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A SITE: For Society CyberPros who already have a primary web site, your new free site can act as a "feeder" and help further establish you as the Cyber Expert in your market!

FOUR DESIGNS TO PICK FROM: When you customize your new site you can pick from one of 4 different designs by simply indicating your preference of designs: "Residential", "Commercial", "Residential and Commercial" or "Real Estate Services".

VIEW SAMPLES HERE: You can view samples of actual Society member sites from the following links:

Residential Sample

Commercial Sample

Residential & Commercial Sample

Real Estate Services Sample

NO COST WITH MEMBERSHIP: As with all Society services, your new Web site is provided at no additional cost--and with no web hosting fees! We are pleased to continue to bring you these expanding tools and services that further the value of your Society membership.

FAQs: Here are a few of the questions we have received regarding the free Society Personal Web Site that comes with your membership.

Q. I already have a Web site. Do I need the new Society Personal Web site? A. Even if you already have a site, your new free site can act as a "feeder". The new public search function will point prospective customers to your Society Personal Site, which helps further establish you as the Cyber Expert in your market! If you don't yet have a site this is a powerful way to set up your image on the web!

Q. Can I link my new Society Personal Web site to my current site?

A. Absolutely! Simply fill in the Web Site box at your site Customization page and that link will automatically appear in the "Bio and Services Section" on your Society Personal Web site.

Q. My specialty is Residential (Commercial or Other). Can I choose a site design that is designed for my specialty?

A. Absolutely! See the samples from the links above. You can choose from any one of four specialty designs.

Q. What things can I customize on my site?

A. There are lots of things you can do to customize your site! But keep in mind that your site comes all set up with your name, company and all of your contact information. You can do as little or as much customizing as you want!

  1. There are four different site formats to pick from: "Residential", "Commercial", "Residential and Commercial" or "Real Estate Services". Simply select your choice from the drop down box.
  2. Be sure to select the Chapter and Specialty Section you wish to be identified with. There are drop down boxes to make this easy.
  3. You can select 6 items from an extensive list of specializations. These will appear in the Bio and Services section on your site.
  4. You can also add a Bio and up to 6 personal links from the top menu bar in the customization section.
  5. If you have a photo on your hard drive you can upload it from the customization bar. It will appear in place of the Society Logo.
  6. You can also create a link to your personalized "Real Estate CyberTips" monthly newsletter. Once you do this you don't have to change anything. It will appear magically customized each month!

Q. What else can I add to my site?

A. You can add your listings from the Commrex or Residential Source tabs.

Q. Can I put the web address of my new site on my business cards?

A. Absolutely! You can even change the URL of your personal web site to include your name by using the "alias" feature in the Customization page. Once you have the address the way you want it, you can distribute it on your cards, in your e-mail, on your fax cover sheets, on your stationary --in short on anything where printing is appropriate!

We hope that you will join with us today and start enjoying this and all 14 society tools and services that are included in the modest Society membership fee of only $149.95.

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As with all Society services your new Web site is provided with no additional cost to you--and with no monthly fees!

We are pleased to continue to bring you these expanding tools and services further enhancing the value of your Society membership!