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Real estate people are seeing a significant increase in real estate sales which have been successfully closed because of a marketing effort conducted using the Internet and other Cyberspace tools. You would hardly believe the number calls I receive asking "How can I sell my property on the Internet?" or similar questions.

Selling in Cyberspace embodies a lot of the same basic principals we have been using in the good old pre-cyber days . The major elements we must deal with now are (1) speed and (2) market depth. There are 30 million people out there on the Internet. The trick is to identify the right ones. Once this is done some of the methods of marketing in Cyberspace allow almost instantaneous gratification!

Here are a few of the resources you should consider in creating an effective Cyberspace marketing campaign :

  1. CUSTOM E MAIL LISTS. Properly designed, it is possible to reach several hundred, even thousands, of preselected prospects. For example we use several lists, one of which reaches over 600 very active Commercial brokers all across the country. With the proper set up on what is called a mail server you can send information to all of the recipients with one keystroke.

  2. YOUR OWN WEB PAGE. Look on a real estate Web page as a worldwide office. Anyone in the world can come and visit it in less than a minute. Surprisingly the creation of a web page is relatively inexpensive. Setting up the page is a piece of cake. The trick is getting people to visit your page once it's up and running.

  3. NEWSGROUPS. There are several �DICUSSION GROUPS' on the Internet that specialize in real estate. A posting to any of these brings exposure to a wide range of potential prospects--- almost instantly.

  4. ONLINE SERVICES. Compuserve. America Online, Prodigy and The Microsoft Network are examples of Online services. Each of these has places to disseminate information on Real Estate for sale. For example, Compuserve's Real Estate Forum has several different areas including "Commercial", "International" and "Residential" sections.

  5. INTERNET ENGINE SEARCHES ON THE WEB. There are several very efficient programs on the Internet that will seek out information. We use these regularly to search for buyers. For example we recently were retained to sell an Airport. By doing a search on the word "airport" we were able to immediately identify several prospective investors.

These are but a few of the various resources available to today's cyber professional. Is it any wonder that transactions are being completed in a fraction of the time we thought was the norm before the Internet came bursting on the scene. We operate in exhilarating times and the face of real estate marketing is changing at a breathtaking pace. It's a exciting place to be today. In my 33 years in the real estate business I've never had so much fun!