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So you have a hot listing--- or you own a unique property and you want to reach a few million people in the next hour. You may remember a while back we discussed the elements of an effective marketing campaign. Finding buyers is a key element in any sales campaign. Where do you start? Here are the 3 steps to reaching and motivating action in Cyberspace:

  1. Identify the most logical place to locate the buyer or someone representing the buyer.

  2. Design a message which will get a favorable response.

  3. Convey the information to the leads generated in a way that leads to a meeting, a showing of the property or a letter of intent.

Let's take them in order. This week we will discuss ways to locate buyers.

Walk with me through two recent quick searches to see where we might find buyers for two offerings: one an Airport and the other a "Bed and Breakfast".

A while back I listed an Airport for sale. First I posted it to my Web Page and a few other Web sites which allow the posting of information on properties for sale (such as CCIM NET or Ten31). Then I did an e-mail to 7000 of my favorite investors and commercial brokers.

This done, I started to search around in places where people interested in aviation and airports might hang out. Using Alta Vista, Digital's super fast search engine, I entered "airport owners" and did a Web search. This resulted in 73 "hits" (locations on the World Wide Web which contained a reference to the search phrase "Airport owners". One of these referred to the "Airport Owners and Operators Association" --- a pretty good lead!

The next property on my desk was a really neat "Bed and Breakfast". To find out where buyers for this kind of property hang out I did a similar search on the key words "bed and Breakfast owners". This resulted in 22 "hits" including the "Lanier Travel Guide". Next I did a search on the words "bed and breakfast and Massachusetts" and came up with 500 "hits". Similarly a search on "guest houses and Massachusetts" yielded 57 "hits" including a directory of "B&B's, Country inns and Guest Houses".

I then closed down my Netscape Browser and opened up Compuserve's excellent Usenet search software which quickly found me a Newsgroup which concerns itself with "Hotels, Motels, Inns and Bed and Breakfasts".

While there I decided to take another look for people who might buy my Airport. Voila! Up popped a Newsgroup called misc.transport.air-industry!

In the course of searching for Airport buyers I ran into another Airport listed by a broker in Connecticut. I quickly e-mailed him asking if there might be some synergism between his efforts and mine. A short while later he called and in the course of the conversation he provided me with a lead to federal grant money to help cities and towns buy private airports and convert them to municipal use. With up to 95% of the acquisition cost funded by grant that information certainly made this broker's job more interesting!

Cybernaughts feel a special bonding and are almost always very helpful to fellow Cyber travelers

Cyberterms used here:

E-mail: Electronic mail. Like a letter (snail mail) or a memo � only sent electronically.

Hits: A count of how many times an Internet traveler connects to a specific location. Also (as used here) the number of items collected in an Internet Newsgroup: A Bulletin Board type message area on the Internet catering to special interest groups.

Search Engine: You tell it what you want and it'll go find it for you. Like an electronic yellow pages--- only lots better!

Usenet: A structure linked to the Internet which accommodates Newsgroups.

Web Site: A location on the World Wide Web (WWW).

World Wide Web (WWW): The structure on the Internet that allows Cybernaughts to bop around using little pictures(icons) as navigational aids. Lets you exchange text, images and sounds on the Internet.