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Cyber Messages That SELL

Remember the last time we sat down. You scratched your head and said,

"That's great you showed me how to find thousands of buyers for my listing in Cyberspace. BUT---- what do I say in my message to all these prospects I'll be reaching out there in Cyberspace?"

This stage of Cyberspace marketing is where the whole thing gets fun! Be prepared to sell sell sell ---and make new friends at the same time.

Here are 4 rules you can use to leverage your results in Cyberspace.

  1. Content. Tell them just enough to (a) weed out those you don't want to hear from, and (2) provoke sufficient interest to hear from those you want to hear from. Write your initial message regarding the property you want to sell as you would a classified ad � keeping in mind the nuances noted below.

  2. Appearance. You will be using list servers and mailing lists you have compiled using the techniques we discussed last time. Whenever possible be sure to disguise the fact that the recipient is one of a big bunch (like thousands). Learn to "mask" all the other addressees with whatever mailing software you are using so that your message comes across as personal and not "bulk mail".( This tip should be worth your whole years investment for this publication!)

  3. Feeling. Everyone has their own style of ad and letter writing. Mine has developed as a "breezy" style. I try to tell a story "about my 95 year old Doctor client (retired thankfully) who must sell his 4 net leased properties to pony up in his just finalized divorce-----". I'm sure you get the picture. Mine is a light semi-irreverent style. Whatever yours is be sure that it is designed to attract attention.

  4. Urgency. Don't give your recipient any time to procrastinate! Cyberspace is a fast paced arena! Your recipients can respond with the click of a mouse. And the response will be back on your desk in a matter of minutes. Appeal to that unique feature of Cyberspace by asking for an immediate response.

Here are two actual messages from the Internet. One I received the other day from a sender who will remain anonymous for obvious reasons. I quote it here precisely as received. The second is a recent message I sent that received 78 responses �some within 2 hours --most within 12 hours. You decide which incorporates sound marketing techniques!

Cybermessage the wrong way:

"I want to buy, creatively, hotels, shopping centers, apartments, etc. anywhere. My url is in my tag. my return address is above. I also would like 3 jv partners for stuff I own that need rehabbing.I am a turnaround specialist, so for a no risk partnership, contact me."

(Note: No address was attached-only the E-mail address. This says to me "Here it is dummy �you figure it out!")

Cybermessage that works:


Our client has a severe debt relief problem and just 2 weeks left to identify $80 to $90 Million of highly leveraged single tenant triple net properties anywhere in the country. This 1031 buyer will buy with zero cash flow and prefers existing high leverage debt or seller carry back financing. The buyers second choice is highly leveraged apartment complexes of 150 units or more. We will bust out tail to put the deal together with you. Please fax anything you think will fit.

Kindest Regards,


John M. Peckham III
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2408
Boston, Massachusetts(MA), 02114
Phone: 617 523 4440 Fax : 617 523 4736

"I know all that", you say. " Like you said---just like writing a good newspaper ad." You got it. It's as simple as that! The rewards that will come to you from reaching thousands of real estate professionals in Cyberspace warrant careful preparation of your message which they will receive in minutes and to which they can respond in just hours. And they will if your message is designed to SELL!