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Last time we showed you how to create Cyber messages that sell. Now let's see what steps you can take to bring your deal closer to closing.

Let's assume you have used:

  1. a bulleted e-mail

  2. a list serve e mail

  3. a posting to your Web site

  4. a posting to a Newsgroup or online service

  5. a fax broadcast ----or any of the other inexpensive but highly effective

Cyberspace methods to let investors and other brokers know what it is you have to sell. What will your next steps be? How will they differ from historic marketing procedures?

It is important at this point to keep in mind the purpose of Cyberspace is not to demonstrate your cyber prowess but to close transactions!


Quite often a new Cyberbroker will get carried away with technology in taking his potential transaction forward at this point. Here's an example:

Bill Broker receives 17 requests for additional information on the shopping center he just promoted with an e mail message. He has learned to attach files to his email and proceeds to respond with a return email which contains an attachment file containing more detail on the offering. Wanting to respond in the easiest way (for him) and in the most techno-savy manner he sends the message and attachment to each of the respondents.

One of the cardinal rules in marketing is to make it easy for a prospect to buy. Keeping this in mind, picture the recipient of the email and attachment . If the prospect possesses today's real estate professional's typical level of technological development, The odds are high that he or she will not download the attachment. This procedure is either too much of a challenge or just too much trouble. Consequently a significant percentage of the recipients will never see the sizzling details on this red hot offering!

Using the Cyber "drop back" technique

In today's rapidly evolving real estate Cyber marketing arena a good rule is to use the Cybertools that are understood and used most easily by the broadest spectrum of your target audience. For example if you are marketing to the members of the International Computing Association you would pull out all the techie methods you desire without fear of losing your audience.

At this stage of the technological development of real estate folks however you will want to use the "drop back" technique and respond by using a lower level of technology. A safe way to get the information to your prospects is to respond by FAX. You can be sure that a much higher percentage of your audience will have the opportunity to see your sizzling sales missive.


Remember to use all of the Cybertools we have outlined in this series to reach the broadest possible market-quickly and inexpensively. It is just as important that you provide the follow up information in a way that makes it easy for the recipient to see and digest. Today the fax may be your best choice. And don't forget to follow up on that by using another amazing piece of technology called the telephone!