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Cyberspace Tools That Make You Look Smart (Smarter)

How would you like to add the equivalent of 6 support people to your staff ---at little or no cost? That's the stuff real estate dreams are made of --- and that's the stuff that today's Cyberspace tools can bring to your operations.

Here are few Cyberspace tools that help this guy look like General Motors(or close to it!). :

For analyzing investment properties and presenting information to investors:

There are several programs available to practitioners that analyze investment properties. Some of them even provide you with tools to print out a very professional and attractive package which sets forth very persuasive presentations for potential investors. My favorite is a program called Planease which does all my analysis of potential income property acquisitions. The software will do all sorts of wonderful "what if" scenarios in seconds. As it's name applies it is really easy to use. Planease prints out very persuasive charts and graphs in blazing color on my little $299 HP Deskjet printer. This special software makes me look like I have a six person economics and research staff!

For quick information on lots of things:

1.Want to find anyone anywhere in a hurry? Try Switchboard on the Web at This very useful (and fun!) Internet web site has every published phone number in the country, All you have to do is type in your old classmate's (or client's) name, press enter and---Shazam--- your classmate's(clients} phone # and address pops up on your screen.

2. Want to send an in depth report on just about any major company including the last 5 press releases and/or news accounts to appear? Go to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) page will do that research for you. Send it to your printer and you'll look like your research staff is hard at work! WSJ charges a nominal annual fee for access, The information available there makes it worth every penny! If you begrudge the Journal it's modest fee then go to the SEC's home page at -- simply type in a company name and good old Uncle Sam will send all of the SEC filings regarding that company to your desktop and/or printer. That little tip should be worth all of your next 5 year subscription costs to this publication!

3. Who's calling? If you want to know be sure to get Caller ID from your local phone company. I keep my little Caller ID box right next to my phone and often surprise callers by picking up the phone and greeting them by name. I also have my CD ROM drive loaded with Select Phone, a CD ROM multi-disk set that contains every listed phone in the country. Phone Select and similar disk sets have the advantage of providing cross reference so you can enter the calling number and instantly receive the name, address and zip code of the caller. By highlighting the callers entry you can also view all neighbors on the same street or in the same building! With a call from a commercial location this feature can give you a clue as to the nature of the callers commercial setting. For example, if the caller's neighbors are Ajax Wrecking and Mal's Meatball Sandwich Shop you can assume that the caller's office isn't in the high rent district! Also if the caller's neighbors are all single family homes on Shady Lane, there is a good chance that the call is coming from a home/office.

4. Would you like to instantly get information on any office building in town. Go to Office Buildings Magazine on the World Wide Web at If your city is covered you will become an instant maven on the market. Simply enter the address of the property and hit search. You will be presented with a description of the property, a full color photograph, a list of the major tenants and lots of other good stuff to make you look awfully smart!

So there you go-just a few of the swell things out there to make you look like the General Motors of real estate---without increasing your staff one iota!