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The last time we visited we talked about getting information on lots interesting things in Cyberspace.

Now let's get serious about real estate research. How would you like to add a research department to your staff without getting up from your desk? How about a staff with access to more information than existed in every library in the world 10 years ago? An what if your in-house real estate research files were the most complete in the world � and took up less space than a small portable television set?

You have it right now. It's called the Internet!

How to get hooked up to this wonderful source-- Easy � just sign up with an Internet service provider. Their are dozens of them including ATT. I use Earthlink (800-395-8410) for a variety of reasons. The cost for unlimited Internet connection has settled in at around $19.95 per month with most providers. That means that if you are so inclined you could be connected to the Internet and all of it's vast resources 24 hours a day-7 days a week for $19.95 a month! Now that you are hooked up lets go visit some----

Research Sources

A few weeks ago I was invited to do a guest slot at the Commercial Real Estate Institute's (CIREI) course 102 to explore research sources on the Internet. The problem isn't finding the sources-it's narrowing the sources down to a manageable number. As I prepared for that presentation and to check the depth of research materials on the World Wide Web, I did the following AltaVista Searches: (I have shown the number of "hits" following each)


"research sources": 1,000

"real estate research": 800

After doing a lot of weeding out I arrived at some more of my -----

Peckham's Picks for Real Estate Research:


Good real estate news coverage plus lots of other good stuff.

CIA World Factbook

Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about any country(including USA). Simply pick a country hit "search' and shazzam-you know everything the CIA knows about that country-(well, almost as much)!

Library of Congress

Find any book, publication, or reference work.

Pike Net

Best source of rated C&I Web pages plus lots more including City Toolkits, Market information and news.


Best source of information on residential specialists ---any where in the world.

US Census Bureau:

Pick the area you want and get the census scoop. Simply type in a city or town name plus the state --- or go in by zip code.

US Securities and Exchange Commission

Pick the company you want and get all the SEC data on that company you could ask for. It's all located in the "Edgar" database which is very searchable. Other sources have charged BIG BUCKS for this information. Now it's yours for the asking-instantaneously---right from your screen to your printer!

US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Go to this very comprehensive site for labor statistics by area. By visiting the Regional information section you can obtain lots of good information on the "Economy at a Glance" and do keyword searches. Research papers on a myriad of subjects are available along with in depth briefings in the "Occupational Outlook" section. Have some fun and go to the section that describes "Real Estate" as a profession!

As our ability to search the Internet for information becomes more And more refined it will become clear why experts warn us that today's and future success waits for those real estate professionals who harness information. I guess that's why they call this the dawning of the information age.