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E-mail �Your Ten Thousand Dollar Promotion for Peanuts

Sometimes I get the feeling that real estate folks pinch pennies with the best of the rest of the world. Maybe it's because over the years we have become so enamored with leverage in real estate that we expect to leverage everything around us! It's like that with e-mail. Today, real estate pros are using e-mail to reach buyers, sellers and prospects for their services-inexpensively, quickly and effectively.

Last month on the Society's "Real Estate Cyberspace Alert" I interviewed Sanford Wallace, the self admitted most despised man on the Internet. He is 28 years old and sends 4-5 MILLION e mail messages---- a DAY! There was a lot to learn from this young man. Our members' reactions to the audio tape of this interview were overwhelmingly favorable and indicated the recognition that using e-mail to promote real estate listings, buying needs and the services you offer is the number one most effective way to use the Internet.

Here are a few of the reasons e-mail is so effective:

1. You can send thousands (or like Sanford , Millions) of messages at little or no cost. You can send your message to one party or ten thousand --

the cost is the same in either case. The flat monthly fee you pay for your Internet connection usually includes all the e-mail you want to send at no extra cost.

2. You can target your audience. For example, When I list a net leased property or Shopping Center for sale, I prepare a brief message (a lot like a classified ad but with a little more of the human touch). I then select my target list so that there is a significant probability that the recipients of my message are real estate pros who will be a buyer-or have a buyer for that product.

3. The response is virtually instantaneous. I have sent messages out on investment properties and received as many as two dozen responses from interested parties in less that 2 hours � and 50 or more within 24 hours. I tell my sellers that I can get them instant gratification to their offering!

4. E-mail gets read � and by the right people. If you compose your subject line like you would an effective classified ad headline you will reach the right people. The beauty of e-mail is that you bring your messages right to your targeted audiences desk, and the recipient can respond easily with a single mouse click --- and also at no cost to him or her.

5. Negotiations are quicker. You and your buyer can communicate instantaneously, back and forth, speeding up the process. You can e-mail Letters of Intent and Contract drafts making them easy to edit and return.

In other articles here I have supplied a variety of e-mail strategies and tools that will help you leverage your promotional efforts. Using these strategies you should be able to create a multi-thousand dollar promotion for peanuts!